Beyond Tomorrow

This foundation supports youth from the Tohoku region affected by the March 11th, 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. Leadership training is provided�and scholarships are provided to talented high school and college students to help them overcome their current hardships and become conscientious leaders who contribute to and improve society.

Miyagi and Fukushima Prefectures

The earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear power plant accident completely transformed both Miyagi and Fukushima Prefectures. Check out the official website for the Miyagi Prefectural Government and the Fukushima International Association to learn more about the current situation on the ground and direct ways to help.

Japanese Red Cross Society

JRCS provides a host of medical relief and social services in the affected areas. Check out this site to learn more about what the group is doing to help the country rebuild.


Translated as "flower viewing," this centuries-old Japanese custom of enjoying each moment of the Cherry Blossom season has travelled across the globe. Every spring, The National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC celebrates the friendship between the people of the United States and Japan. The custom is also observed in New York at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens - home of one of the most diverse collections of�Cherry Blossom trees in the US.