Carnegie Endowment for International Peace - Mumbai Attacks

Part of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace - a non-profit group dedicated to advancing cooperation between nations, the Carnegie South Asia Program offers expertise on issues relating to South Asia, including nonproliferation, international security, and political and economic development. This page includes links to reports and analyses of the attacks.

Rand Corporation - Research Area - Terrorism

The RAND Corporation is a nonprofit research organization providing objective analysis and effective solutions that address the challenges facing the public and private sectors around the world. This page includes links to analyses and commentary on global terrorism. In 2009, the group published The Lessons of Mumbai, to help develop findings that could be 'helpful to counterterrorism authorities in India and elsewhere in preparing for or countering future terrorist attacks on urban centers'.

Asia Society

This group a leading global and pan-Asian organization working to strengthen relationships and promote understanding among the people, leaders, and institutions of the United States and Asia.

TAJ Public Service Welfare Trust

The goal of the is to provide relief to individuals adn families affected by the terror attacks in Mumbai: the general public, police, firemen and security forces, employees of the Taj and other establishments.

Chabad Center - Tragedy in Mumbai

These Jewish community centers are located around the world offering classes, services, and assistance with Jewish education and practice. This page includes links to news, video, and personal reflections about the attack on Nariman House in Mumbai.

To India With Love: From New York to Mumbai

by Waris Ahluwalia, 2009. ISBN: 9782759404216