Jhamtse Gatsal

Featured in the film TASHI AND THE MONK, Jhamtse Gatsal is a community, home and school with a driving goal to provide children with better lives, helping them to achieve their fullest potential. The group?s mission is to help the neediest children of the remote villages of the Tawang district of Arunachal Pradesh, India and be a model community for the region.

American Himalayan Foundation

The American Himalayan Foundation seeks to help the Tibetans build schools, bridges, housing and clean water systems; plant trees; train doctors; fund hospitals; take care of children and the elderly; and restore sacred sites. The foundation also helps Tibetans with their difficult struggle to survive and maintain their culture both in exile and inside Tibet.

Tibet House US

Tibet House US is dedicated to the preservation of Tibet?s spiritual heritage and unique cultural with its special emphasis on non-violence. The group?s cultural center/museum in New York City offers educational programs, Dharma teachings, art exhibitions, and other special events.

Official Film Site

Visit the official website for Tashi and the Monk for more information on the story behind the film and the creators.