Saving My TomorrowSaving My Tomorrow

HBO and The American Museum of Natural History present Saving My Tomorrow, a six part family series on the environment. From the children who will inherit the planet, comes a collection of songs, activism, and heartfelt tips for protecting the earth. Kids share their thoughts on subjects ranging from endangered animals and pollution to climate change. Behind the scenes at the American Museum of Natural History, scientists talk with kids about how organisms are affected by a changing earth. A mix of science, animation, and stories of plants and animals in danger, the series celebrates the natural world and is a call from kids to kids to help take care of the planet.

The Saving My Tomorrow series features readings, performances, and appearances by Alan Cumming, Laura Dern, Tina Fey, Lennon & Maisy, Ziggy Marley, Audra McDonald, Stephin Merritt, Elizabeth Mitchell, Jason Mraz, Liam Neeson, Willie Nelson, Karen O, Susan Sarandon, Pharrell Williams, Jeffrey Wright, Pete Seeger, They Might Be Giants, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Dan Zanes, and others.

PARTS 1 & 2

“Earth is our home. We only have one home and if we mess this one up… where do we go next? We don’t have another earth right next to us, just in case we lose this one,” says Hippocrates, age 8.

This two-part special looks at the environment through the eyes of children. Featuring stories about the effects of pollution on the natural world, with segments on the monarch butterfly, the sea turtle, the giant crab, the polar bear, and others, the show is a call to action from hopeful kids who are saving animals, writing songs, and making a difference. As Zoe, age 12, says, “The adults clearly aren’t doing enough to stop this, so we have to take it into our own hands.”

Readings and performances by Tina Fey, Lennon & Maisy, Ziggy Marley, Stephin Merritt, Liam Neeson, Willie Nelson, Susan Sarandon, Neil deGrasse Tyson, They Might Be Giants, Jeffrey Wright, and behind-the-scenes at the Museum with Dr. Melanie Stiassny, Dr. Mark Siddall and Paul Sweet.


“You are the future generation. You are the ones who are going to have to deal with this mess that everybody else behind us has gotten us into!” says ten-year-old Grace.

This installment in the Saving My Tomorrow series showcases the ways in which kids are doing their part to clean up the environment. Focusing on environmental concerns like plastic pollution and deforestation, the special includes stories about the Amazon rainforest and the albatross, and follows young activists around the world as they clean up the beaches, plant trees, and demonstrate at City Hall.

Readings and performances by Alan Cumming, Laura Dern, Pete Seeger, They Might Be Giants, an appearance by Pharrell Williams, and scenes at the American Museum of Natural History with Dr. Christopher Filardi.


“ This is our planet, we have to protect it. So if we start not only recycling but doing big changes. We need bigger changes than recycling,” says Lydia, age 6.

The fourth in the series of family specials on the environment. Focusing on energy use and sustainability, the show features stories about endangered animals alongside scenes with kids who are working to protect the nature around them - from the mountaintops to the coral reefs. Readings and performances by Elizabeth Mitchell, Willie Nelson, They Might be Giants, Dan Zanes, and behind-the-scenes at the American Museum of Natural History with Dr. Christopher Filardi and Dr. Mande Holfold.


“Think about it, those of you who are listening, do one simple nice thing for the environment each day and I don’t know, in a year or two, what a difference it will make." Emile, age 10

The fifth installment in the series features more thoughts from kids and scientists about endangered species and their habitats. With stories about honeybees, oysters, turtles, frogs, and birds, this episode offers an inspiring take on how we might protect the planet and everything on it. Readings and performances by Laura Dern, Stephin Merritt, and They Might be Giants, and behind-the-scenes at the American Museum of Natural History with Dr. Michael Novacek and Dr. Christopher Raxworthy.


Featuring young people dedicated to making the earth a cleaner place, the final installment in this acclaimed series explores issues ranging from fracking and water pollution to the benefits of local food and reducing our carbon footprints. Also featured are readings and performances by Audra McDonald, Jason Mraz, Karen O, They Might Be Giants and the late Pete Seeger.

Saving My Tomorrow is a co-presentation of HBO Documentary Films and the American Museum of Natural History; directed and produced by Amy Schatz; produced by Beth Aala; edited by Tom Patterson; supervising producer, Lisa Heller; executive producer, Sheila Nevins.