Centered around The Saudi Women’s Driving School – said to be the world's largest driving school, which caters exclusively to women – in the capital city of Riyadh, Saudi Women’s Driving School draws on unprecedented access to a number of Saudi women as they embrace a new way of life and the freedom that comes from being behind the wheel.

Directed by Erica Gornall, produced by Nick London and executive produced by Fiona Stourton, this eye-opening film utilizes interviews and verité footage to bring viewers into the private realms in which these strong-willed women exist and show how women's lives are changing in Saudi Arabia since the ban on female drivers was lifted in 2017.

In focusing on individual women’s stories, Saudi Women’s Driving School shows the widespread hope that they have for greater freedoms, as well as the challenges they face in a conservative Kingdom that appears to be making strides towards gender equality but continues to silence and jail female activists.