Where Are They Now

Since filming on Raising Renee ended in early 2010, Renee McIver continues to live in her apartment in Greensboro. A phalanx of family and friends helps her with cooking, cleaning, shopping and transportation. She's active in St James Baptist Church and goes to a daily activities program in Greensboro. 

As always, she continues to make beautiful potholders. Sales have skyrocketed since the film's debut- as have her prices (now $8 a piece). She has a white cat named Snowball who is great company.

Recently, her lease came up for renewal and Beverly gave her the choice to stay put or move back with Beverly if she'd be more comfortable. Renee prefers to stay in her own place.

Beverly McIver teaches painting at North Carolina Central University in Durham. She is represented by many galleries around the US including the Betty Cuningham Gallery in New York. She is able to travel a good deal more now that Renee is living on her own. She feels invigorated, has embarked on a new series of paintings and is applying for fellowships. She loves living with her four cats-Maggie, Bono, Clyde and LeRoy but remains open to the possibility of finding true love.

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