Global Survivors Network

The Global Survivors Network is comprised of people working to prevent future acts of terror. We hail from six continents, represent many different religions and are united by a common cause: what happened to us, and so many others, should never happen again.

United Nations Symposium on Supporting Victims of Terrorism

This 2008 event gave victims of terrorist attacks all over the world a platform to urge governments to bolster international cooperation in support of victims and their families and implement agreed counter-terrorism measures. Click here to learn more about what the United Nations is doing to fight terrorism.

Against Violent Extremism

This network of former extremists, activists, academics, survivors, executives and public sector officials seeks to identify and apply common solutions to the problem of violent extremism, wherever it may occur.

Center on Global Counterterrorism Cooperation

This nonpartisan research and policy institute that works to improve coordination of the international community?s response to terrorism by providing governments and international organizations with timely, policy-relevant research and analysis.