Redford Center

The Redford Center engages people through inspiring stories that galvanize environmental action. Co-founded by Robert Redford and his son Jamie Redford, the non-profit harnesses the power of film, video, and new media to increase public engagement on frontline issues and support like-minded community efforts.

PUSH Buffalo

Featured in the film, this local membership-based community organization fights to make affordable housing a reality on Buffalo’s West Side. PUSH Green, the group's community-based energy efficiency initiative, aims to create living-wage green jobs and access to services to help reduce energy bills for communities in the Buffalo area.


This nonprofit organization seeks to empower people and communities to invest collectively in renewable energy. Nonprofit organizations and worker-owned cooperatives lack access to traditional solar finance so RE-volv developed a pay it forward model that crowdfunds donations for these groups to cover the upfront costs of a solar installation.

Vote Solar: Policies & Programs

This non-profit group advocates for state policies and programs needed to repower the electric grid with clean energy. Their policy priorities include rethinking grid planning to encourage more of renewables resources, solar access for low income communities, net metering and fair utility rates.

Project Drawdown

Project Drawdown is a nonprofit organization and coalition of scholars, scientists, entrepreneurs, and advocates from across the globe that is mapping, measuring, modeling, and communicating about a collective array of substantive solutions to global warming, with the goal of reaching drawdown.