Gideon?s Promise

Formally known as the Southern Public Training Center (SPDTC) and featured in the documentary Gideon?s Army, this Atlanta-based non-profit group inspires, mobilizes, and trains legal professionals to provide the highest quality defense representation to people unable to afford an attorney. Gideon?s Promise offers a collaborative model that emphasizes client-centered values, on-going trial advocacy training (for new and seasoned public defenders), and community-building.

Gideon at 50

In the 1963, the landmark Supreme Court case Gideon v. Wainwright established that the right to qualified counsel in a criminal case is fundamental to the American system of justice. Fifty years later, more than 12 million people are arrested in the United States each year and most of them will be represented by one of the United States' 15,000 public defenders. Learn more about how your state is currently attempting to fulfill this constitutional obligation.

American Civil Liberties Union

The ACLU works to preserve First Amendment rights, the right to equal protection under the law, the right to due process, and the right to privacy.� Affiliates - such as those in Mississippi, New Jersey, Idaho, and Montana - handle requests for legal assistance, lobby state legislatures, and host public forums throughout the year.

The Constitution Project

The TCP seeks to reform the US criminal justice system and to strengthen the rule of law through scholarship, advocacy, policy reform and public education initiatives.

National Legal Aid & Defenders Association

For 100 years, this group has pioneered access to justice at the national, state and local level through the creation of our public defender system, development of nationally applicable standards for legal representation, groundbreaking legal legislation and the creation of important institutions such as the Legal Services Corporation.