Once seemingly happy in her marriage, the heroine of GETTING OVER HIM IN 8 SONGS OR LESS recalls, "Our love was going to be a forever heaven, where we'd stroll
around, stars in our eyes, our arms entwined and our souls contact-cemented together."

Although she had suffered setbacks over the previous year, developing tinnitus and losing her job, Solomon's protagonist never foresaw that her husband would end their marriage on Labor Day.

GETTING OVER HIM IN 8 SONGS OR LESS is an animated mini-musical that chronicles the heroic, sometimes sad and often funny voyage one must make when love goes south. The animated character travels in a daze through the wreckage of her marriage, hiding from the world and comforting herself with junk food, then finding a way to pull herself together. In the end, she realizes that what she needs to find above all is not love, but herself.

The eight songs that dramatize the journey towards self-discovery are: "How Can You Leave?"; "What's the Matter with Me?," a bout of self-recrimination; "I Wanna Know Everyone," where, out of loneliness, she tries to make friends with all 1800 people in her building; "Teach Me to Be a Woman," about wanting to become an object of desire; "Everything I Need Is at the Drugstore," chronicling the joys of retail therapy; "Sea of Second Chances"; "Click to See My Picture," recounting her foray into internet dating; and "What's the Matter with Me? (Reprise)," where she leaves heartbreak behind and feels good about herself.

Debra J. Solomon wrote, directed, animated and performed all of the songs in GETTING OVER HIM IN 8 SONGS OR LESS. She previously collaborated with producer Amy Schatz on segments of HBO's Emmy®-winning family specials "How Do You Spell God?" and "Kids Are Punny: A Rosie O'Donnell Special." In addition, she helped create the animated segments of the popular series "Lizzie McGuire," acting as supervising director for the series and feature film.

Solomon's animated independent short films have won a number of festival awards, including a Silver Lion at the Venice Biennale for "Mrs. Matisse," and a Special
Jury Award at the World Animation Festival for "Everybody's Pregnant," while her illustrations have appeared in the New York Times, Daily News, Newsday, Vogue and Self. She also wrote and illustrated the award-winning children's books "Oh, Brother!"
and "Oh, Sister!"

GETTING OVER HIM IN 8 SONGS OR LESS was written, directed and animated by Debra J. Solomon; songs written and performed by Debra J. Solomon; produced by Amy Schatz; music produced and arranged by Alan Zahn. For HBO: supervising producer, Lisa Heller; executive producer, Sheila Nevins.

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