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Featured in the film, Lumos works in partnership with governments, professionals, carers, communities, families and children to transform outdated systems that force families apart. Together with their partners, they replace institutions and orphanages with community-based services that give children access to health, education and social care, tailored to their individual needs. They seek to support families to ensure that children are able to return to the love and care of a family.

ACER Brazil

ACER is an NGO that offers an alternative way of lie to vulnerable children and young people living on the street of Sao Paulo, Brazil. ACER provides this through core programs of education and culture, social assistance, community development, and youth leadership.

Catalysts for Social Action

Based in India, the mission of this NGO is to create a brighter future for children under institutional care. It achieves this through providing support to adoptive families and children, supporting young people transitioning into independent living, and through education and a vocational training programs.