The Humane Farming Association (HFA)

The Humane Farming Association hired Pete to investigate the allegations of abuse on the Wiles hog farm. It bills itself as "the nation's largest and most effective farm animal protection organization."

Mercy For Animals (MFA)

According to its website, Mercy for Animals "works to be a voice for animals through proactive consumer education and advertising campaigns, research and undercover investigations, rescues, working with news media, and grassroots activism."

Animal Welfare Institute (AWI)

One of the Animal Welfare Institute's "greatest areas of emphasis is cruel animal factories, which raise and slaughter pigs, cows, chickens and other animals. The biggest are in our country, and they are expanding worldwide."

The Humane Society of United States

The Humane Society of the US is "the nation's largest animal protection organization with more than ten million members and constituents. The HSUS is a mainstream voice for animals, with active programs in companion animals, wildlife and habitat protection, animals in research, and farm animals."

Compassion Over Killing

is a "nonprofit animal advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C. Working to end animal abuse since 1995, COK focuses on cruelty to animals in agriculture and promotes vegetarian eating."

Vegan Outreach

Vegan Outreach is "dedicated to reducing animal suffering by promoting informed, ethical eating."

Animal Law Coalition -- Farm Animals

The Animal Law Coalition "helps people understand and use the laws and resources in their states and communities to stop animal abuse and suffering."

USDA -- Animal Welfare Information Center - Farm Animals Humane Slaughter

The Animal Welfare Information Center (AWIC) is "mandated by the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) to provide information for improved animal care and use in research, testing, teaching, and exhibition." The Farm Animals: Humane Slaughter page includes guidelines for and fact sheets about the humane slaughter of livestock.