Patient Safety Action Network

PSAN is a coalition of individuals and organizations consisting of patients who have been medically harmed, their loved ones, and concerned advocates. The group focuses solely on and with patients to raise awareness and to create accountability, transparency and safer healthcare.

Center for Patient Partnerships

Part of the University of Wisconsin Schools of Law, Medicine & Public Health, Nursing, and Pharmacy, the center educates graduate students and working professionals in health advocacy; provides free advocacy services to anyone with a serious or life-threatening illness, regardless of income or residence; conducts research on advocacy’s impact and promotion of best practices; and seeks to enhance the capacity of patients to influence health policy and the responsiveness of the health care system to consumers’ experiences.

National Patient Advocate Foundation

The National Patient Advocate Foundation, the advocacy affiliate of the Patient Advocate Foundation, seeks to articulate the stories of individuals and the collective needs of the community. The group works to promote access to affordable, quality health care for people with chronic, debilitating or life-threatening illnesses.

Patients Rising

This group seeks to fight for access to vital therapies and services for patients with life-threatening and chronic diseases. If a patient needs it to survive and live a better quality, more productive life – the group believes access to those treatments and creating a balanced dialogue in the national conversation around these issues is essential.

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement | Patient Safety

This independent not-for-profit organization that works with health care providers and leaders throughout the world to achieve safe and effective health care. IHI focuses on motivating and building the will for change, identifying and testing new models of care in partnership with both patients and health care professionals, and ensuring the broadest possible adoption of best practices and effective innovations.

World Health Organization | Patient safety

WHO Patient Safety, aims to coordinate, disseminate and accelerate improvements in patient safety worldwide. The site includes Facts on Patient Safety and The Surgery Checklist, co-created by Dr. Martin Makary, featured in the film and author of Unaccountable: What Hospitals Won't Tell You And How Transparency Can Revolutionize Health Care and the upcoming The Price We Pay: What Broke American Health Care (April ’19).

The Leapfrog Group

This non-profit group seeks to drive a movement for giant leaps forward in the quality and safety of American health care. Key Initiatives include The Leapfrog Hospital Survey which reports on hospital performance, and The Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade, which assigns letter grades to hospitals based on their record of patient safety.