Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle

This grassroots think-tank seeks to advance the public policy interest of Black people, in Baltimore, through: youth leadership development, political advocacy, and autonomous intellectual innovation.

Penn North Recovery Center

Baltimore's longest standing recovery community center, Penn North provides addiction treatment and workforce skills development services to over 12,000 people a year.

Rewired for Change

This non-profit organization empowers at risk youth, families and communities living in underserved areas through media, social advocacy and the facilitation of community building resources.

Associated Black Charities

This group works to strengthen Maryland’s economy by focusing on the economic growth, inclusion and influence of African Americans.

Baltimore Algebra Project

This youth-led math literacy program uses peer-to-peer tutoring and experiential pedagogy to strengthen math skills, employ youth, and develop leadership potential.

New Lens

This youth driven social justice organization working to assist youth in making art and media about often-underrepresented perspectives. New Lens works on a variety of social issues including employment, justice, health and education issues.

Baltimore United For Change

BUC is a coalition of organizations and activists with a long track record of working for social justice in Baltimore. The BUC coalition came together three days after the murder of Freddie Gray.

Baltimore Racial Justice Action

Baltimore Racial Justice Action (BRJA) is a network of Maryland individuals committed to racial equity - working towards creating an equitable and just environment in which all groups have equal access and opportunity to housing, education, health care, jobs and criminal justice.

ACLU of Maryland | Racial Justice

The ACLU of Maryland works to ensure that police officers do their jobs without violating individuals’ constitutional rights and promote police accountability and oversight, while educating Marylanders about their rights in police encounters.

Committed Organized Responsible

This community health organization based in Baltimore MD encourages using preventative practices such as martial arts to improve psychological and physical health.

No Boundaries Coalition of Central West Baltimore

This resident-led initiative to bring Central West Baltimore together across race, class and neighborhood lines to build a more unified and empowered community.