JESSICA ANN SMITH At The Heart of Gold HBO DocumentaryJESSICA ANN SMITH At The Heart of Gold HBO Documentary

Jessica Ann Smith

Jessica Smith grew up in Laingsburg, Michigan and trained in the Greater Lansing area to become a professional dancer. She has danced with several ballet companies in various states. Jessica is now completing her Student Teaching for her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Ferris State University.

What has been integral to your personal healing?

One of the most significant components of my healing has been talking with my students and others about my abuse and how to protect those around us. Joining the Board of Directors for Small Talk Child Advocacy Center has allowed me to connect my process of healing to a passion for advocacy. My hope for this film is that the viewers will recognize the importance of believing children and adults and never allowing sexual abuse to be a desensitized topic. Whereas we cannot know what goes on in the lives of others, we most certainly can extend grace and kindness to all of those around us.