About Any One Of Us

Any One of Us is a documentary chronicling pro mountain biker Paul Basagoitia’s life-changing journey to recovery after suffering a spinal cord injury.

Produced by Red Bull Films, the film offers a revealing look at the agonies of an unpredictable journey and an uncertain future after Basagoitia's tragic accident during the 2015 Red Bull Rampage. Viewers will also hear from a group of SCI survivors who shine a light on the struggles Basagoitia and all SCI patients battle every day, and the hope that inspires them to carry on.

Paul Basagoitia was born and raised in Minden, Nevada and developed a knack for riding bikes at an early age. He rode them without training wheels at the age of 2 and won BMX competitions by the time he turned seven.

Basagoitia’s talent was fully realized when he won the Crankworx mountain bike competition in Whistler, BC in 2004, where he pulled off a perfect backflip on a massive step up. He repeated this slopestyle win at Crankworx a year later, cementing his place at the top. Basagoitia went on to become the first person to complete a 720 on a mountain bike and landed the first double backflip on a natural terrain at the 2012 Red Bull Rampage event in Utah.

On October 16, 2015, Basagoitia returned to the Red Bull Rampage, where his future became unclear. One slight mistake during his run sent him tumbling down the face of a rock, resulting in a burst-fracture of his 12th vertebrae and a partially severed spinal cord.

While recovering from his paralysis, Basagoitia recorded personal videos that documents the struggles and triumphs he faced as he made his way from the hospital to rehab, and eventually back home.

Any One of Us is directed by Fernando Villena; Produced by Ben Bryan and Nate Nash; Executive Producers Scott Bradfield, Charlie Rosene, Jim Sayer, Paul Basagoitia, Aaron Lutze and Werner Brell; For HBO, Executive Producers Peter Nelson and Rick Bernstein; Edited by Rose Corr and Original Score by Turtle.