Crashing Episode 15Crashing Episode 15



Written by: Pete Holmes

Directed by: Oren Brimer

Chicken Wing picks up Ali and Pete to drive them to Philadelphia where they’ll be doing stand-up at NACA, a campus activities fair showcasing comedians. Another comic Chicken Wing manages, Saturday Night Live’s Melissa Villaseñor, joins them on the ride. Pete sucks up to Melissa and Ali is uncomfortable by his over-the-top flattery. They do impressions on the trip down.

Surrounded by eager college students at every turn, the comics check into the hotel and get ready for the conference. Pete and Chicken Wing walk to the vending machine for “dinner” and Chicken Wing warns Pete to keep his content politically correct for the oversensitive audience.

Although the comedians were warned to stay away from content they would bleep on The Big Bang Theory, Ali does an anti-rape bit that rubs the audience the wrong way. Melissa goes up to massive applause and kills with a Shakira impression.

Noticing no college reps are interested in booking Ali, Pete runs to a gas station and buys a bunch of T-shirts that say “Gas it up” as DIY “merch.” Pete tells Ali he wants to cater to the audience and he works “Gas it up” into his bit. The audience goes wild and Ali rolls her eyes.

“You’re my new show pony. I’ve been paying attention to the wrong horse. I should have been sneaking into your stable.”
— Chicken Wing

Pete books six shows which he equates to about $7,000 — excluding travel costs and Chicken Wing’s 20 percent. A college student finally walks up to Ali and tells her she was her favorite, only to reference a joke Ali never made. The student realizes her mistake and awkwardly walks away.

Ali eats her feelings at the hotel and Pete tells her about his bookings. Angry with Pete for pandering to the audience, Ali tells him he “sucked NACA’s d*ck” instead of doing his authentic act.he storms out when Pete suggests Ali open for him.

In the lobby, Melissa gives Ali a pep talk and tells her it’s not a bad thing if she’s not good at NACA; it’s better than getting stuck in that world. Melissa does an impression of Ali, which she takes as a compliment, and they bond. The comics drive back to New York and Chicken Wing texts Pete all of the booking coming in. Ali and Pete make up.