A Crash Course in Holiday Survival

By Allie Waxman and Katie Lucas

Surviving family time during the holidays can be as awkward as getting heckled in the Village, but don’t worry, Season 1 of Crashing has enough painful moments to make you appreciate your dad’s embarrassing jokes.

If you need a pick me up, there’s plenty to be gleaned from Pete’s many (many!) misadventures. Check out these Crashing survival tips and have a good laugh at some of the funniest moments from Season 1.


Stand your ground.

Whether you’re chatting politics with your older uncle or asking another comic to back off your turf, there’s only one recourse — lyrics from Will Smith’s 1999 album Willennium.

Set firm boundaries.

Much like Jess encourages Pete to break up with his mom, so must all of us know when our familial relationships cross the line from cute to creepy.

Keep it PG.

As Pete’s chat with Artie and guest star Sarah Silverman prove, any talk of sexy times (or lack thereof) is bound to get messy.

Know your audience.

It’s hard not to stick your foot in your mouth in front of your family, but in “Julie,” Pete takes a joke too far. At least your “oops” wasn’t in front of a live audience.

It could be worse.

Is your holiday free of pepper spray and kidnapping? You’re already doing better than Pete. Charming character actor Gina Gershon guest stars as an Artie Lange groupie in “The Road.”

Remember: no matter how bleak things get, you still have four hours of sweet relief in the form of Crashing Season 1 on HBO. Share your tried and true holiday survival tips using #HolmesfortheHolidays.