Written by Nigel Williams
Directed by Philip Martin

Eighteen months into their romantic relationship, Catherine and Potemkin experience difficulties as Potemkin longs for adventure and Catherine is drawn to her handsome secretary, Peter Zavadovsky. Potemkin's attempts to convince Catherine to expand southwards and take Crimea put him in direct opposition to Minister Panin, whose cautious foreign policy favors an alliance with Germany. In the wake of an unexpected tragedy, Catherine reveals the brutal truth about Natalia to her son Paul and takes a special interest in her new grandson, causing Paul to turn decisively against his mother. After coming to an arrangement to preserve their deep political and spiritual connection, Catherine and Potemkin look ahead towards their shared dream of Russia's future.

Episode 4
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In the series finale, a weary Potemkin goes to war once more for Catherine while the Empress faces her own battles at home as her reign begins to draw to a close.