The Camping Cast Share Their Favorite Memories From Set


Jennifer Garner’s baking skills and a daily fitness challenge are some of the things that brought the cast closer.


Executive producers Jenni Konner and Lena Dunham might have set the scene — four couples having a terrible time on a camping trip — but the Camping cast had a different plan for their off-screen dynamic. Propelled by Jennifer Garner’s infectious kindness, the gang got to know each other better, whereas their characters just try to make it through the four days. The cast reunited on the grass carpet at the series’ premiere at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles, which had been transformed into a glamper’s dream – yurts and all. The actors discussed their time with each other, and picked which co-star would earn the following badges.


Jennifer Garner and David Tennant may play an unhappy married couple, but on set — and on the carpet — the scene partners get along like old friends. The pair started a “10 and 10” challenge while filming: The entire cast would do 10 squats and 10 push-ups every hour. Garner said her co-star always kept the momentum going: “David was so willing to stop and do 10 and 10 absolutely every time. If I started to lag, he kept us on it.” Bridget Everett was immediately impressed with Tennant’s push-up skills: “David Tennant is a shark. He was doing the type of push-ups where you do high fives in between.”

Survival Skills

Filming a show about the outdoors means dealing with rain, shine, and even rattlesnakes. Bridget Everett, who plays Harry, knew exactly who had the best survival skills: “Juliette (Lewis, who plays Jandice) for sure. I follow her on Instagram and she goes for nine-mile hikes just for fun.”


Writing a show about four couples is no simple task, but executive producer Konner said one pairing stood out to her: “David and Bridget have this incredibly funny scene together in the second episode, and after that we decided we had to write more scenes for the two of them.”


This comedic ensemble also possessed hidden talents. “Juliette is incredible singer and performer,” praised Ione Skye, who plays Carleen. “We got to all watch her perform after filming.” Arturo Del Puerto stars opposite Lewis and is a singer in his own right according to Konner: “Arturo can sing opera so we got the chance to hear some of that on set.”


Filming a fishing scene is harder than it looks. Tennant said Del Puerto was the most skilled filming in the water, but on screen, they made his character, Walt, look like a fishing expert. “I was made to look better at it than I was,” the actor joked. “They would get the camera on a pontoon in the middle of this lake and asked me to land the fishing line 400 feet away from me. I wasn’t entirely successful.”


The entire cast not only raved about getting to work with Jennifer Garner, but praised her incredible baking skills. “She not only baked blueberry buckle, but she made honey for us from her own bees she has at her house,” Del Puerto raved. “She brought honey for the entire cast and crew.”


Konner praised her cast, even if they were prone to chit-chat between takes: “They loved each other so there was tons of chatter.”

Tennant and most of the group agreed Brett Gelman (George) was the most fun in between takes. “Brett has very interesting and entertaining mind,” Tennant said. “He’s hilarious and if I was in a scene with him he would always surprise me and crack me up.”

Even Gelman suspected the others would point to him: “People might say me — we were addicted to talking to each other on set.”


The cast shared photos and videos on Instagram while filming. Skye said Janicza Bravo’s (Nina-Joy) Instagram skills were the best: “Janicza’s voice is so clear. She used to be a stylist so she has great taste.”

New episodes of Camping premiere Sundays at 10 PM.

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