"Birthday Party (Part 2)" Synopsis

Written by Lena Dunham & Jenni Konner
Directed by Jason Benjamin

Still high on ecstacy, Kathryn briefly surrenders to Jandice’s charm and agrees to a tattoo of Walt’s name on her arm. When Kathryn asks Jandice for advice about her sex life with Walt, or lack thereof, Jandice replies that doing things you don’t want to is part of life — like going on this camping trip. Offended, Kathryn reminds Jandice that she wasn’t invited on the trip, but Jandice presses Kathryn: “Can’t you just admit that you like Jandice?” When Kathryn rejects her friendship yet again, Jandice leaves Kathryn’s tattoo unfinished.

“You make me feel like a f**king sixth grader.”
— Jandice

When George enters his tent, he finds Nina-Joy and Braylen sitting on their sleeping bags. Nina-Joy half-heartedly asks George to give their relationship another try, but he’s come to the revelation that they both deserve more out of a relationship and wants to remain broken up. Nina-Joy decides it’s time to leave and drives off with Braylen on his scooter.

Joe and Miguel find Jandice, alone in a shed, drinking a beer. Frustrated that her moment of silence is ruined, she decides to mess with her two suitors. Jandice calls out the “weird energy” between Joe and Miguel and suggests she’d enjoy watching them hook up. The two guys hesitate, but eventually give in.

Kathryn returns to the tent and attempts to initiate sex with Walt. He rebuffs her advances — “You can’t control this like you control everything else” — and runs out of the tent. Jandice finds Walt sulking on the ground outside of the campsite. He starts to weep, saying Kathryn doesn’t understand him. Ready to comfort Walt and spite Kathryn, Jandice kisses Walt and they have sex.

“Even drugs can’t chill this b*tch out.”
— Jandice

After the awkward sexual encounter, Jandice goes to the barn, where she finds Kathryn drinking alone. Kathryn lists everything Jandice has ruined on the trip, from knocking down Orvis to forcing them to eat cereal for dinner instead of steak. Kathryn reaches her boiling point and tackles Jandice — she pins her down and punches her three times in the face. Walt stumbles into the barn, which brings the fight to a halt. As Kathryn apologizes profusely, Jandice starts to cackle: “You are not broken sister. Did you see what I did? I showed you that you are very powerful.”

The next morning, Kathryn and Walt pick up Orvis from Harry’s trailer and to their shock, Jandice emerges wearing Harry’s T-shirt. Harry took care of her injuries, and Jandice plans to stay with her for a while. Walt and Kathryn put Orvis in the car and start the drive home. Walt blurts out that he slept with Jandice. Kathryn fights back tears and stares out the window, grabbing Walt’s hand.