Camping Season 1 Episode 7Camping Season 1 Episode 7

Episode 7: Birthday Party (Part 1)

Birthday Party (Part 1)

Kathryn loosens up at Walt's birthday party, while Nina-Joy confronts her past and Carleen returns to camp.

HBO Camping Limited Series Season 1
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With Walt's birthday party on the verge of collapse, Kathryn takes Jandice up on her wild suggestion. Nina-Joy is confronted by her past and makes up her mind about her future with George.

Ione Skye on Finding Carleen

The actor shares the inspiration for her offbeat character, and explains why there’s more to Carleen than you think.

Camping HBO Limited Series Season 1
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Season finale. Walt's party descends into unexpected hookups and mayhem as Kathryn's camping weekend comes to an end. Check out a preview of “Birthday Party (Part 2).”

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