"Carleen?!" Synopsis

Written by Lena Dunham
Directed by Wendey Stanzler

As the group finishes lunch, Kathryn calls out for Carleen — according to the “chore wheel” it’s her turn to clean up. When Kathryn gets no response, everyone struggles to recall the last time they saw Carleen; Joe mentions they got in a fight the night before. Kathryn decides to continue with the day because Carleen tends to wander off. Returning to her tent, Kathryn finalizes her plans for a group fossil hunt. Walt urges Kathryn to look for Carleen but Kathryn is convinced Carleen is just looking for attention. Walt opts to take matters into his own hands and goes to find Harry for help.

Walt arrives at Harry’s trailer and finds her distraught: Nan just left her. Walt does his best to be supportive and explains that Carleen is missing. Harry, in need of a distraction, agrees to help Walt track her down.

“She’s lost and sober. That’s the worst.”
— Harry

Jandice ambushes Kathryn as she exits the outhouse. She encourages Kathryn that as a “doer” she should be the one to find her sister – plus, no one wants to fossil hunt, so they should “Carleen hunt” instead. Jandice’s compliments convince Kathryn to start searching. As they look for Carleen, Kathryn recounts how she met Walt at a roller rink — and that she played roller derby in college. Impressed, Jandice tells Kathryn the group needs to be reminded about how “badass” she is.

Trying to connect with Kathryn, Jandice opens up about her sister Craysia. Jandice admits that she doesn’t have a lot of female friendships and needs a sisterly bond. The two finally connect as younger sisters that act as older sisters.

The pair get lost in conversation and then, get lost. They sit down to regroup which is when Jandice pushes Kathryn too far, asking about her sex life. Jandice thinks Kathryn should have sex with someone besides Walt and suggests Miguel. Kathryn fires back that marriage and children are “sacred.” Jandice throws Kathryn for a loop revealing she was married and has two children — and that she lied about having a sister. With their brief period of peace at an end, they make their way back to the road. Jandice decides to hitchhike, but Kathryn is too proud to join and walks back.

“I feel like you are a psycho who is ruining my trip.”
— Kathryn

On their rescue mission, Harry explains that Nan left her because she didn’t want to have kids, despite Harry’s wishes. Walt supports Harry, saying that marriage isn’t easy. Harry gleans that Kathryn may have mental health issues in addition to her physical ailments, but Walt argues that Kathryn is “mentally quite sound.” Walt begins to unravel, confiding in Harry that being sick is Kathryn’s “favorite hobby.” Suddenly, Walt notices one of Carleen’s knit booties on the ground. They bring it back to the campsite and to show Joe. He breaks down crying and runs into the woods to search for her.