"Just Plain Mad" Synopsis

Written by Travon Free and Lena Dunham
Directed by Jude Weng

Kathryn, the only one awake, and still riled up from the night before, rips up the day’s itinerary. Sol pokes her head out of her hanging tent, and sullenly asks Kathryn to rant elsewhere, as she’s working on her novel. A glimpse inside Sol’s tent reveals food littered about. As Kathryn walks away, she pointedly flips each one of her friends’ tents the bird.

“Congrats on your productive night. I took a study drug and nearly died.”
— Kathryn

Later, Kathryn approaches the picnic table, where everyone is chatting over coffee. She asks if she’s “Casper the Friendly Ghost, with an invisible ghost itinerary.” When George suggests they skip tai chi and get their exercise through Japanese ice cream dancing, Kathryn loses it. She tells everyone to “f**k right off” and find their own fun — the morning’s planned omelette jam is cancelled. Kathryn also informs everyone they need to figure out their own breakfasts, as their provisions appear to have been raided.

Miguel enters his and Jandice’s tent, shimmying in a towel. She ignores his attempts to seduce her, telling him she’s busy journaling her angry feelings. When Miguel asks if it’s about last night’s conversation about their engagement, Jandice says they don’t need to talk about it.

Nina-Joy and George hike slowly around the outskirts of the campground. When Nina-Joy asks George if he’s having fun, he says the trip is dreadful and that everyone is “in crisis.” She begs to differ.

“Make no mistake, Rome is definitely burning, baby doll, and the match that lit it is that other guy’s d*ck.”
— George

George admits to looking through Nina-Joy’s phone and finding evidence of lunch plans with Braylen, the guy she cheated with. Initially outraged, Nina-Joy tells George she didn't end up seeing him, and asks how long she’ll have to pay for her mistake. They get into it, and George makes a jab about all her hotel room charges during her affair. Nina-Joy tells George he’s the only reason she came on the trip.

Outside the grocery store, Kathryn announces there’s no shopping list — everyone should just get what they want because whatever she suggests will be hotly contested. Joe, Carleen and Sol throw out dinner ideas, but Kathryn can’t help challenging them, “You know what, Carleen, why don’t you do dessert? Carbs is kind of a big job.” Inside, everyone splits up: Walt and Kathryn argue over Walt’s cart full of pickles; Carleen confronts Does about making advances toward Jandice; and Sol runs into Tyler again while puking in the backroom sink.

Meanwhile, Miguel, wearing the lederhosen that Jandice stole, exits a convenience store as Jandice waits outside. When he presents her with a Ring Pop, she lectures him, saying she only steals from businesses that overcharge. He encourages her to relax and just enjoy the candy. “Why would I lick it if it’s not really mine,” she asks, tossing the ring into the street.

Nina-Joy and George smoke weed atop haystacks inside a barn. High, they muse about what their cat Mojo is doing, and Nina-Joy offers to go down on him. George, who says he doesn’t want a peace offering or her pity, still accepts despite being angry at her.

Having convinced the owners to open early, Jandice and Miguel hang out in a local bar. With Jandice bartending and chatting up the patrons, Miguel feels ignored and asks Jandice if she’s over him. She mostly is — and she’s done with the camping trip, too. Later, inside his minivan, Miguel begs Jandice: “Just please don’t stop loving me.”

As the group unloads groceries at the entrance to the camp, Carleen asks Kathryn to consider adopting a more respectful tone when speaking to her and Walt before running off into the woods to brush her teeth. Joe and Kathryn bicker about who’s to blame for Carleen’s bad mood; Kathryn cites Joe’s “nuzzle” with Jandice, and Joe brings up Kathryn’s “years of verbal and emotional abuse.”

Clearly choking back his own rage, Walt exclaims, “She’s mad at everybody. She’s been waiting a long time to feel this, and let this out, and finally express the pain and the humiliation … sometimes someone is just so f**cking mad, and they’re saving it, and they’re saving it, and saving it — and they can’t save it anymore.”