"Up All Night" Synopsis

Written by Paula Pell
Directed by Wendey Stanzler

Kathryn fumes in her tent, unable to sleep due to Jandice and Miguel’s loud “love-fest.” Walt encourages her to let it go, but Kathryn storms out of the tent to confront them. Jandice pops her head out, apologizing for the noise and offering Kathryn something to help her sleep. Jandice hands Kathryn an Ambien to “unbraid her brain.” Kathryn dry swallows it and heads back to her tent. Jandice later realizes the pill was Adderall; it quickly kicks in and leaves Kathryn tossing and turning. Feeling another side effect, she rushes to the bathroom.

“I feel like every cell of my body is on Dancing With the Stars, but there is no judge.”
— Kathryn

Nina-Joy, fed up with George’s rage, exits their tent to get some air. While wandering the woods she runs into her chic friends, Allison, Nia, Beth-Ann. When Nina-Joy tells them she’s on a camping trip with Kathryn, Allison immediately offers her a glass of wine. Nina-Joy is finally having a fun time — until Kathryn emerges from the woods. Wanting to avoid her, Nina-Joy calls it a night and leaves. Kathryn, uninhibited by the Adderall, makes herself comfortable at the much nicer campsite and tries to reconnect with Allison.

As Jandice describes her ideal wedding to Miguel, he finally gets the courage to admit he’s not ready for marriage, to which Jandice replies: “What the f**k are you talking about?” He explains they’ve only been together for two weeks and he doesn’t want to move too fast. Jandice half-heartedly agrees and says goodnight, but sneaks out of the tent once Miguel is asleep.

Carleen suggests to Joe that they cut the trip short – he doesn’t do well with so many temptations to fall off the wagon around him. Joe shrugs her off, grabs a six pack and drinks alone in a field until Jandice stumbles upon him on. Knowing about Joe’s struggles with addiction, Jandice offers her skills as a reiki healer. Joe misreads the situation and tries to kiss her, but she narrowly avoids his advances.

“It’s my sister Carleen. She has social anxiety and is terrible at games.”
— Kathryn

Carleen gets lost searching for Joe and comes across Nina-Joy’s friends. She frightens Allison, but ends up joining the ladies for wine. Allison tries to call it a night, but Kathryn — extremely “amped” from the Adderall — encourages the group to play truth or dare. Carleen takes the bait and asks Kathryn to share her biggest secret. Kathryn blurts out that that Nina-Joy cheated on George, shocking the group. Allison uses the awkward moment to finally end the night.

On the way back to their tents, Carleen encourages Kathryn to be more appreciative of Walt and Orvis, but Kathryn fires back that “gratitude is her most frequently used hashtag,” and reveals she saw Joe “pawing” Jandice in a field.