"Fishing Trip" Synopsis

Written by John Riggi
Directed by John Riggi

Carleen sings during a morning outdoor shower, blissfully alone.

While Jandice gets dressed in her tent, she happens upon a small jewelry box and discovers the ring she loved from the antique store. Trying it on, she whispers to herself, “I can’t believe this.”

Walt stuffs a donut in his mouth when he hears Kathryn approaching. Kathryn reveals she was going to have a Real Housewives-style “reckoning” with Nina-Joy, but Jandice ruined the moment. Walt encourages Kathryn to cut Jandice some slack — Miguel wouldn’t love her if she didn’t have a good heart.

“I don’t know anything about her. Yet you’re always making excuses for her bizarre behavior. It’s pretty curious, Walter.”
— Kathryn

Carleen naps in a hammock, snoring. Reading nearby, Joe tears a page out of his book, balls it up, and tosses it into her open mouth. Choking on the paper, Carleen wakes up. Joe blames it on a bird making a nest above, which Carleen finds odd. “But who am I to say?” she asks. “I’ve never been a bird.”

Joe is unenthused about joining the other guys on a fishing trip; they exclude him with their inside jokes. Carleen tells him this is precisely why he shouldn’t drink — it makes him defensive.

As Walt, George and Miguel gather their gear, Joe approaches Nina-Joy and apologizes for offending her at the bar, chalking it up to the shots. He says that he gets it — he has a biracial child. Nina-Joy doesn’t let him off easy: “I would hate for [Sol] to be exposed to that kind of thing. It can be hard for a teenager to process. I know firsthand.”

Jandice finds Carleen knitting in a field. She comments on how “absolutely delicious” the sun is, and encourages Carleen to get some color. Jandice unbuttons Carleen’s dress, rubs tanning oil on her, and starts massaging her shoulders. Jandice whips out a pair of scissors, and encourages Carleen to embrace change — and her power. Carleen is hesitant.

“Change is really important. Even Cher has a choppy bob now."
— Jandice

The men fish and Walt opens up about his marriage, admitting that since Kathryn’s hysterectomy two years ago, they no longer have sex. Joe is incredulous, commenting that Kathryn is “built” for sex, which George calls out as disrespectful. There’s still tension between George and Joe.

Jandice puts the finishing touches on Carleen’s makeover, giving her a bob and tweezing her brows. Carleen tells Jandice she and Joe got together when she worked as a hospice nurse for his wife, Ellen, who died of leukemia.

Kathryn searches for Orvis around the campsite. She finds him in their tent, watching porn on Walt’s tablet.

Joe chides Miguel and George for bragging about the “crazy experimental p*ssy” they’re getting, given Walt’s revelation. Joe wants them to admit he’s the odd man out: none of them are truly interested in getting to know him. When Miguel says that Joe is just jealous, Joe responds that Jandice is out of his league and will dump him in a week. Miguel shoves him into the lake.

The men return to the campground. Kathryn confronts Walt in their tent: “Let’s just say I saw your search history, and it’s not all lawn mowers and Civil War factoids.” Then she tells Walt she has something to show him. And as she unbuttons her shirt, Walt thinks she’s finally ready to have sex and goes in for the kiss. Kathryn tells him to stop, explaining that she wanted to show him the necklace she made for Nina-Joy. Exasperated, he asks her if they’re ever going to have sex again — and she slaps him.

Miguel and Jandice embrace, post-coitus, in a field. She assumes the ring means they’re engaged; and while he doesn’t correct her it’s clear this is not what Miguel intended. After dinner, as the couples talk around the campfire, Kathryn prepares to give Nina-Joy the necklace she made, but Jandice steals her thunder by announcing her engagement.

After Walt says congratulations are in order, Jandice kisses him on the mouth. This does not go unnoticed by Kathryn, who looks shocked, mouth agape.