"Going to Town" Synopsis

Written by Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner
Directed by Jenni Konner

The group enjoys a morning of flag football until Jandice accidentally knocks down Kathryn’s son, Orvis. Although Orvis is seemingly unharmed, Kathryn insists on rushing him to the hospital.

Harry and Nan drive the Jodells to the hospital while the other couples follow in separate cars. However, Jandice convinces the rest of the group to go to a bar in town — they won’t be much use at the hospital.

As Orvis giggles on the hospital bed, the doctor reassures Kathryn that her son is completely fine. Given her own previous health issues, Kathryn demands more treatment for Orvis. She now also feels like she’s “plummeting,” shutting down from stress of caring for her son. Walt tries to keep the day moving and calls George to pick up the steaks Kathryn pre-ordered for dinner.

“I feel like someone invited a coyote to your birthday party.”
— Kathryn Mcsorley-Jodell

Jandice orders two rounds of “jelly donut” shots at the bar. Carleen tries to get Joe to drink a soda instead, but he brushes her off and, disheartened by his inability to stay sober, Carleen declines her shots. Joe passes hers to his teenage daughter, Sol.

Later, Joe joins Nina-Joy at the bar, and when she orders a drink for him and he replies, “Thanks a million, lil’ chocolate,” continuing the conversation without realizing he’s offended her. Afterwards, Nina-Joy tells George about the comment, sparking his latent rage. But Nina-Joy, wanting to avoid conflict, begs him not to say anything to Joe.

Jandice decides to leave the bar and explore the town. Miguel accompanies her to an antique shop where she eyes a valuable ring. Jandice and Miguel have sex in the dressing room and accidently rip the curtains down. They rush out, but Miguel realizes he left his wallet behind. Miguel goes back inside and shamefully apologies to the clerk, offering to make up for the discretion. The clerk mentions that Jandice loved that $5,000 ring.

“I will pay for any damage to the property that our sex caused.”
— Miguel

Jandice arrives back at the bar and finds Joe heavily intoxicated. She asks him what drugs he’s coming off of and Joe reveals he’s addicted to oxycontin. Jandice takes out a bag of pills and gives Joe an oxy to “take the edge off.” Sol, not used to drinking, rushes out of the bar and vomits. She meets a girl her age, Tyler, who is waiting for her brother to finish buying weed.

Despite Nina-Joy’s wishes, George confronts Joe about the racist comment, unleashing on Joe in a drunken rage. Joe tells George he’s overreacting and walks away as George sarcastically wishes Joe luck dealing with drug withdrawals.

On the ride back to the campsite, George realizes he forgot to pick up the steaks for dinner. The group gathers around the campfire and eats cereal as Kathryn complains that they’re eating the next day’s breakfast — and she won’t get her money back for the steaks. Jandice cackles and proclaims today was “the best day ever,” as Kathryn glares at her from across the campfire.