Written by Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner
Directed by Jenni Konner

Kathryn McSorley-Jodell leaps in the air in front of a “Welcome to Brown Bear Lake” sign, while her husband Walt tries to snap photos for her Instagram. Kathryn asks Walt to show her the pictures, hoping that, “It’s kicky, right?”

The Jodells proceed to check-in at an Airstream trailer where Nan and Harry, the couple that runs the campsite, live. Kathryn asks the women if she needs to sign any waivers or photo releases, but Harry tells her not unless she’s famous.

“I have a fairly popular Instagram account. Maybe you recognize me from that. It’s cresting 11,000 followers.”
— Kathryn

As Kathryn, Walt, and their son Orvis set up camp, Kathryn enlists Walt to help her steal mattresses from the other tents because “hard surfaces wreak havoc” on her pelvic floor. They are interrupted when, to their horror, they find Orvis waving around a BB gun, which Walt wrestles away from him.

Soon Kathryn’s sister Carleen arrives with her stepdaughter Sol, explaining to Kathryn that Sol’s sleepover plans fell through after she brought a knife to chorus. Annoyed that Carleen ignored the “no kids” instructions on her eVite, Kathryn insists that Carleen drive back to Tucson, but Walt demands that she, Sol, and Carleen’s boyfriend Joe stay; it is his birthday wish.

Carleen points out that there’s an extra tent now that their friends Margaret and Miguel aren’t coming. Kathryn is taken completely by surprise – she had no idea they split up. Kathryn confides in Walt that she’s surprised Margaret didn’t call her with the news, since she’s the “touchstone” of their friend group.

“I heard they didn’t have much of a sexual dynamic, either, Miguel and Margaret, but you know, it’s never too late.”
— Walt

Next, George and Nina-Joy arrive. While the men grab a beer, Kathryn and Nina-Joy hug awkwardly, Kathryn giving Nina-Joy a long-winded, vague apology. Nina-Joy tries to be cordial, but tells Kathryn, “not now.”

After dark, Kathryn runs through the next day’s itinerary while Walt begs her to put her binder down, leaning in to kiss her. Kathryn stops him, saying that she’s physically uncomfortable with being intimate — the doctors still don’t know why - and what she needs from him is empathy.

Hearing a commotion that she suspects is a bear, Kathryn grabs the pellet gun and runs outside. She fires indiscriminately, only to discover that she’s shot Miguel, who has just arrived with his new girlfriend Jandice.

The next morning, as everyone gathers for breakfast, Miguel explains that he met Jandice at a rave Jandice was DJing. Kathryn tells Jandice about her hysterectomy, and Janice offers her advice, which Kathryn dismisses – Jandice has no idea what Kathryn has be thorugh. Kathryn pulls out her binder, informing the group that today they’ll be birdwatching. As the group treks in search of hawks, they stumble onto a lake. Jandice strips down and jumps in. Despite Kathryn’s protests, everyone follows.

Miffed, Kathryn stands on the shore alone, and protests: “Guys. Swimming is tomorrow. It’s on the schedule.” She doesn’t even notice the bear that’s crept up behind her.