Forget the Herring
Bored to Death | Season 3 | Episode 7

Forget the Herring


Written by Rachel Axler & Jonathan Ames
Directed by Adam Bernstein

Jonathan meets with Rose, a woman who informs him that she, too, began life at the Hudson Sperm Bank. Her own investigation has lead her to a prison inmate named Fishman, a professional fire bug hired by "Donald Stark" (the alias for the sperm bank owner) to torch the place. Jonathan and Rose visit Fishman in prison and Rose convinces the arsonist to give up Stark's real name: Harry Bergeron.

Ray has a breakthrough when his back pain is cured by the book George gave him. But he is still not sure what emotion he's been suppressing.

Jonathan and Rose confront Harry Bergeron at his hat shop in Coney Island but come up empty. They cheer themselves up with a Wonder Wheel ride and end up in bed together back at Jonathan's clock-tower apartment.

Just before George's performance of ‘To Dream the Impossible Dream,' Jonathan gets a call from Bergeron to meet at the Aquarium: He has some information after all. As George belts out his number, in full-Quixote costume and under the influence of a pot cookie, he gets emotional about Emily who hasn't shown up to see him sing. He stops mid-performance to sally forth to her apartment to make things right, and Emily invites him inside. Meanwhile, Ray realizes he has been suppressing his pain over losing Leah and sets out to reconnect with her, but she insists they must let each other go.

In front of a glowing tank of fish, Bergeron informs Jonathan that he was the sole sperm provider at the bank. As his biological father embraces him, Jonathan takes in the most shocking implication of the news: Rose is his sister.