Bored to Death | Season 3 | Episode 2



Written by Martin Gero & Jonathan Ames
Directed by Michael Lehmann

Jonathan is hanging on the clock of the Williamsburg Savings Bank. Finally, Ray arrives on the scene and urging Jonathan to let go, pulls him to safety.

In the safety of George's West Village loft, Jonathan recounts to George and Ray how he was framed. They urge Jonathan to go to the police and tell them everything, as innocent men don't run. But Jonathan fears he could end up in Rikers and doesn't want to miss his appearance on ‘The New Dick Cavett Show.' George insists they get some sleep. In bed, George confides that he doesn't like Emily's fiancé, Bernard.

The next morning, they are awakened by a call alerting George that the police are on their way. Ray and Jonathan escape down the dumbwaiter. They make their way to the spy shop, where Howard provides them with airline pilot disguises. Jonathan asks Howard to run the cell phone number of the man who framed him so he can get the name and address.

George, a little paranoid after a morning hit from the vaporizer to calm his nerves, runs into Bernard, who asks for an answer about marrying Emily. Suspicious of a nearby mail man, George snatches Bernard's bike and rides off, asking for an extension on his reply.

Ray and Jonathan arrive at the address where they confront the blonde Jonathan was hired to tail. She claims it was her boyfriend Sid who pulled the trigger when he discovered she and Schwartz (the dead jockey) were having an affair. She tells them Sid can be found at the Prospect Park Carousel - where all ex-jockeys end up.

George meets Jonathan and Ray at the carousel where they seize Sid but when he hears Kitty (the blonde) turned him in, he tells them that it was her idea to frame Jonathan and paint the picture that Jonathan and Schwartz were lovers. Kitty was the beneficiary of Schwartz's life insurance and she and Sid were going to take the money and run. But Kitty shows up and shoots Sid, tossing the now-empty gun to Jonathan who catches it: Framed again! She heads towards the guys with a loaded gun, intending to kill them and make it look like a shootout with Sid. As she starts to fire, they jump on the carousel, ducking the bullets....just as the police arrive on the scene.

After a long night at the precinct, Officer Drake thanks Jonathan for his legwork in getting the confession from Sid and Kitty. Ray urges Jonathan to retire; being a detective is too dangerous. But Jonathan insists he has one more case he needs to solve: finding his real father.