Escape from the Dungeon!
Bored to Death | Season 2 | Episode 1

Escape from the Dungeon!


Written by Jonathan Ames
Directed by Alan Taylor

Jonathan narrowly escapes pursuit by the wrathful philanderer he's been trailing, losing him just in time to duck into his new teaching job at Metropolitan Writers Workshop. Worn down by the mental pain of his students, Jonathan bemoans the trajectory of his thirties and his lack of success over drinks with George and Ray.

George faces his own trials. 'Edition NY' has been bought, and the new publisher, Katherine Joiner, lays down the law about cutting back on expenses: No more lunches at the Four Seasons; no more Orangina. Meanwhile, in spite of Ray's attendance at yoga, Leah breaks up with him, citing her need for time alone.

Jonathan tackles his new assignment from Officer Drake, a mounted policeman with a forced feminization issue: Find and destroy the hard drive of an S&M dungeon he frequents (which is about to be raided). He books an appointment with Mistress Florence, the head dominatrix, and destroys the drive, but has to stay for his session to avoid blowing his cover. The raid interrupts them, and Jonathan manages to escape, clad in full body leather and a hood. Having left his wallet and cell phone behind, he calls Ray collect but, shaken by his break-up, Ray is too lachrymose to help. Jonathan races through Manhattan to 'Edition NY,' interrupting a meeting of the new board in order to get George's help cracking the lock on his hood.