The Case of the Lonely White Dove
Bored to Death | Season 1 | Episode 5

The Case of the Lonely White Dove


Written by Jonathan Ames & Donick Cary
Directed by Paul Feig

Jonathan meets a new client, Dimitri, a recently-paroled convict who needs Jonathan to find the love of his life, with whom he spent one special night before going to prison. The woman in question was a singer at Tatiana's, a Russian night club in Brighton Beach, and Dimitri only knows her by her stage name: Irenna, the Lonely White Dove. Meanwhile, George embarks on an exploration of bisexuality (at his therapist's suggestion), as a way to get in touch with his feminine side in order to attract more female readers to his magazine.

Jonathan ventures out to Tatiana's and, during a night of vodka shots and dancing, learns the club employs no Lonely Dove, but there is a Lonely Sparrow. He makes a plan with Ray to return to Brighton Beach. Ray invites Leah (who, because they are working on intimacy issues, is disappointed it is not just the two of them) and Jonathan convinces Suzanne to come along for the Brighton Beach night he never gave her. At Tatiana's, Jonathan hears the Lonely Sparrow perform but when he inquires after her, several thugs throw him out of the club. Outside, someone slips him a phone number, supposedly from Irenna who wants him to call. Leah and Suzanne are both upset when their night is cut short.

Jonathan gives Irenna the news that Dimitri is out of prison and still in love with her, and she agrees to see him. When Dimitri insists Jonathan come along as his "back up Russian wing man," Ray gives Jonathan his uncle's brass knuckles, just in case. They come in handy when the meeting turns out to be a set-up (Irenna's brother is in prison because of Dimitri) and Jonathan has to rescue Dimitri from the Russian thugs.