The Alanon Case
Bored to Death | Season 1 | Episode 2

The Alanon Case


Written by Jonathan Ames
Directed by Alan Taylor

Following an unsuccessful attempt to win back Suzanne with mementos of their love, Jonathan gets a new case: A woman named Jennifer wants him to tail her boyfriend, Gary, to see if he's being unfaithful. After learning that he and Jennifer share a fondness for cocktails, Jonathan follows Gary and is stunned to discover that he is attending Al-Anon meetings, where he's befriended none other than Suzanne! Unable to keep his jealousy in check, Jonathan, misunderstanding the support of a 12-step program for a burgeoning romance, blows his cover.

Meanwhile, he also has to juggle his obligations to his friends: Ray brings Jonathan along for moral support during his first colonic, which Leah has insisted upon. It's her belief that Ray is in a bad mood all the time due to toxins in his colon. Also, George, who has to give a big speech, enlists Jonathan to help him cover up an enormous herpes blister on his lip, but the cure they concoct is less than successful.