The Blonde in the Woods (Season Three Premiere) Jonathan learns familial news; Ray becomes a Park Slope mom; George reunites with his daughter.
On the lam, Jonathan and Ray try to hunt down the person who framed Jonathan. Meanwhile, George covers for them despite his growing cannabis-induced paranoia.
As a guest on The New Dick Cavett Show, Jonathan runs into his nemesis. George is surprised to hear Bernard and Emily’s news, and Ray sets off an AMBER Alert.
Jonathan shows Emily a youthful time; George faces restaurant competition; Ray seeks painkillers and affection.
Jonathan and George see a "friendship" counselor ; Ray becomes irresistible to women.
Jonathan protects his ex-girlfriend's wedding jewels; George and Ray become roommates.
Jonathan is given some new leads in his case; George and Ray gallantly beg for forgiveness.
(Season Three Finale) Jonathan gets taken hostage; Ray makes use of his Super Ray fans; George throws a wedding for Emily.