Season Two Premiere. Jonathan is hired by a cop with an S&M fetish; George is told to make do with less; Ray fails a yoga test.
Jonathan gets a job working for George's rival; Ray vows to win back Leah.
George gets sobering news; Jonathan is kidnapped.
Jonathan is hired by a junkie professor; George tries to cheat a drug test.
Jonathan attempts to repair the relationship between a poet/limousine driver and his wife. Ray has a meeting with Kevin Bacon.
Leah hires Jonathan to find "Little Ray"; George faces an uncertain future as he heads to surgery.
A dermatologist embroils Jonathan in a Romeo-and-Juliet scenario at an Asian health spa.
Season Two Finale. Ray is imperiled by a mad stalker; George makes a stand at work; Jonathan has another battle with his nemesis, Louis Greene.
Super Ray comic convention