Series Premiere. Bummed by a recent breakup, a between-books writer (Jason Schwartzman) places an ad on the Internet offering his unlicensed services as a private investigator.
Jonathan Ames on street in Fort Greene
A woman with a drinking problem (Kristen Wiig) hires Jonathan to see if her boyfriend has been cheating.
An ill-advised encounter undermines Jonathan’s chance to rewrite a Jim Jarmusch script.
Jonathan falls for the mother of a boy whose skateboard was stolen by neighborhood bully.
Jonathan tracks down a Russian chanteuse; George gets in touch with his feminine side.
Jonathan, George and Ray team up to retrieve a damning sex tape for a married man.
Jonathan and Ray investigate a lesbian black-market scheme; George publishes a scathing editorial directed at his rival, Richard Antrem.
In the Season One finale, George, Jonathan and Ray step into the ring for a grudge match against their publishing rivals.