Interview With Jack Huston

  • What is it about Julia that attracted Richard?

  • When he first meets her, she sees the person, not the mask. The mask doesn't matter to her. She's not surface—she's much deeper than that. She's distanced from that because of her father and the way she's lived. When I first shook hands with her, I was struck by this sort of tenderness she had, which is hard to come across if you're Richard Harrow. I think there's an instant attraction and she's just incredibly nurturing and caring. She doesn't make him feel uncomfortable and she asks the right questions. She seems like herself around him more than anything.

  • They seem to be kindred spirits in that regard.

  • Yes. They're both looking for an escape and they're each other's escape, which is nice.

    I think it's very honest, their relationship. It transcends what people look like and a person's past and future. It's a very honest love of two people that actually managed to find each other and they do share a deep love.

  • Julia has been making most of the moves - she's the one that kisses him, takes him to the dance floor - is he afraid to reach out to her? Does he not know how or is it something deeper?

  • That's interesting isn't it? I think she's a real sweetheart because she sees it's a lot harder for him to make the moves. It's a very bold choice for her—especially in that time period. It's just not in his nature to do anything to move forward because he thinks, "She wouldn't EVER want to kiss me or touch me." Even when she pays him a compliment he can't take it—he brushes off her compliment about the corsage he brings her: "I let the florist pick it."

    When they kiss by the fire [in episode 311] and he says to her, "I wish I could kiss you right now" - that's the first time he really makes a move.

  • How did you react when you found out that Harrow finally "gets" the girl?

  • I was blushing! I found it so hard to read because I feel so connected and so close to Richard that when I read things I sort of think that they're happening to me. When I first read that they get down and dirty I was like, "Oh my god, Richard's getting laid right now!"

  • His relationship with her must be very meaningful - when he connects with someone his loyalty is very strong.

  • Absolutely. More than anything, he's a stand-up man. He believes in friendship and moral values and loyalty - like a soldier. I think he'd take a bullet for her or Tommy.

  • Do you think they could get past Harrow revealing his double-life?

  • I've thought about that a lot: If Julia did know, would she run a mile or would she stick it out? It's an interesting question. Richard does have this incredibly dark sub-plot going on—he was a sniper and worked under Jimmy and now at a whorehouse. He's killed a lot of people but I think he's also a very good person with extremely moral values. He wants a family and doesn't really love what he does—it's his job. But I think in the end, the life he's part of causes harm and death and if you love someone sometimes the best thing to do is let them go.

  • So you don't think it's possible for them to become a little family, like in their Easter photograph?

  • I think it's an ideal—something he'd love to do but feels will probably never happen. He lived it for a moment and dreams about it, but I don't think he's destined for it.

  • When Gillian catches Harrow preparing Tommy to leave for Julia's she says some really nasty things to him. How does he keep his cool?

  • I think he's able to keep his cool because he knows it's best to let the other person make a fool of themselves in those situations. He realizes Gillian's a very troubled human being and the best thing he can do is not say anything because he has Tommy's best interests at heart. He thinks, "If I keep my mouth closed and I do it my way, then that's the best for the kid." If Harrow flared up then he'd be just as bad as her.

  • Why did he feel the need to keep his relationship with Julia a secret from Gillian?

  • Gillian's someone you want to know as little about your life as possible. She's so manipulative and he knows how evil she can be and he wants her as far as possible from his relationship. Sharing anything about Julia could put her in danger. In this town where everyone's a backstabber—anything bad could happen. "Loose lips sink ships," you know?

  • Another woman he was close with was Angela - do you feel there're any similarities between her and Julia?

  • With Angela—I loved her but it was more platonic. Maybe like a vision of something in an ideal world or like my sister. I felt like I could open up to her and she saw past the mask and the afflictions I have—like Julia. Angela was a good sort of first love—she represented what I wanted—somebody that treated me like a real human being.