Manny HorvitzManny Horvitz

William Forsythe Discusses Manny Horvitz's Brutal Flourishes

  • What's up with Manny's need to tell stories?

  • He does always seem to begin the scene with a parable. He always has a fantastic story right to the point for what he's trying to say. I think he enjoys the sound of his own voice.

  • He mentions how deeply moved he was by the theater once upon a time.

  • He was just completely blown away and taken by the theater when he was a teenager. That was what he wanted to do, and of course, his father, very serious-minded man, told him that that would not be possible. That dream was completely put aside. So, any theatrics he does do, he has to do through the eyes of the butcher.

  • Was he being overdramatic about the $5000?

  • Bottom line, he's the type of person that would never cheat you in a deal. He would 100 percent do whatever he said he was going to do, but he definitely has a problem with betrayal and with disrespect. If you happen to cross those zones, or steal from him, the moment you cross that path... I mean, $5000. The hell with that, he'd kill you over $5 if you cheated him.

  • What if Jimmy had repaid him his money?

  • For whatever reason James Darmody immediately begins to show disrespect. He doesn't pay him the money. He almost blatantly tries to put him down in front of people. That's where you discover the other side of Manny. Because nobody does that to him. Nobody. It's almost like you meet somebody and you just feel an instant urge to be a close friend with them... and then suddenly, betrayal. So it goes from sweet to bitter.

  • Did Manny go too far by killing Angela?

  • There's no doubt that he's suffering from fever and dementia. He has a festering infection that has gone out of control. I'm sure those things are all factors that are all a part of it, but once the moment began he had to finish it. He's an extremely intelligent person and yet, some of the things he does aren't so smart.