Nucky and Eli ThompsonNucky and Eli Thompson

S1 Ep 7: Home

Chalky sneering

Nucky purges some bad childhood memories; Jimmy forges a new alliance with a fellow veteran. Chalky considers a liquor proposition which would eliminate middle man Nucky. Van Alden gets a valuable lead on the woods massacre. Angela finds companionship in Jimmy’s absence; Luciano and a friend cut a deal with the D’Alessio brothers.

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Guest Stars

Erik Weineras Agent Sebso
Johnnie Maeas Louanne Pratt
Victor Verhaegheas Ward Boss Fleming
Anatol Yusefas Meyer Lansky (aka Michael Lewis)
Jack Hustonas Richard Harrow
Chase Colemanas Billy Winslow
Adam Muccias Deputy Halloran
Max Casellaas Leo D'Alessio
Edoardo Ballerinias Ignacious D'Alessio
Lisa Joyceas Mary Dittrich
Sean Weilas Liam
Tom Aldredgeas Ethan Thompson
Nicholas Martinoas Pius D'Alessio
Maggie Steeleas Odette
Michael Badaluccoas Harry Price
Megan Reinkingas Annabelle