Al at table with Jimmy and familyAl at table with Jimmy and family

S1 Ep 6: Family Limitation

Margaret and her kids move into new home
Family Limitation

After the brazen robbery of one of his Ward Bosses, Nucky turns up the heat on Lucky Luciano. An emboldened Margaret stands up to Lucy. In Chicago, Al Capone's frustration over family issues spills over into his relationship with Jimmy, who scores points with Johnny Torrio for a bold power play involving Charlie Sheridan and the neighborhood of Greektown.

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Guest Stars

Erik Weineras Agent Sebso
Dana Iveyas Mrs. McGarry
Peter Mcrobbieas Supervisor Frederick Elliot
William Hillas Ward Boss O'Neill
Greg Antonaccias Johnny Torrio
Chris Mulkeyas Boss Mayor Frank Hague
Edoardo Ballerinias Ignacious D'Alessio
Barbara Tirrellas Edith
Anna Katarinaas Isabelle
Enid Grahamas Rose Van Alden
Frank Shattuckas Charlie Sheridan
Nicholas Martinoas Pius D'Alessio
Faith Sandbergas Kitty
Marcella Lentz-popeas Mae Capone
Johann Carloas Teresina Capone
Megan Reinkingas Annabelle