Chalky WhiteChalky White

S1 Ep 3: Broadway Limited

Nucky Thompson speaks with Chalky White
Broadway Limited

An unlikely witness threatens to expose the perpetrators of the woods massacre. As Nucky re-evaluates his relationship with Lucy, Margaret starts a new job. Chalky's team pays a heavy price for taking over Mickey Doyle's bootleg operation, causing Chalky to reevaluate his relationship with Nucky. After questioning Angela's loyalty, Jimmy heads west.

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Guest Stars

Erik Weineras Agent Sebso
Peter Mcrobbieas Supervisor Frederick Elliot
William Hillas Ward Boss George O'Neill
Victor Verhaegheas Ward Boss Fleming
Robert Clohessyas Ward Boss Jim Neary
Charleigh Parkeras Lady Jean
Jordan Gelberas Simon
Adam Muccias Deputy Halloran
Stephen Derosaas Eddie Cantor
Max Casellaas Leo D'Alessio
Edoardo Ballerinias Ignacious D'Alessio
Josiah Earlyas Robert Dittrich
Lisa Joyceas Mary Dittrich
Barbara Tirrellas Edith
Anna Katarinaas Isabelle
Tuck Milliganas Dr. Brubaker
Mark Lotitoas Dr. Cuomo
Kenneth Tigaras Dr. Karl Lissenger