Bill's Blackfoot casino opens; Adaleen shares a shocking secret that leaves Nicki cold; Lois and Frank strike a deal, as do J.J. and Cara Lynn.
Bill contemplates running for the vacant Utah State Senate seat; Sarah and Scott plan a civil marriage.
Bill looks for allies in Washington; Joey digs up his past; Sarah compensates a car-accident victim.
Bill rushes to announce his candidacy; Alby gives J.J. permission to add a wife; Don takes a bullet for Bill.
A revelation about his past threatens Bill’s campaign; Nicki goes undercover, again; Margene gets the cold shoulder.
Ana resurfaces with a surprise revelation; Ben goes south of the border with his grandparents; Marilyn locks horns with Bill.
Bill and Joey make an emergency trip to Mexico; Margene makes a surprise offer to Ana; a bomb scare rocks the casino.
Barb becomes a lightning rod for Bill’s campaign; Nicki tries a new look; Sarah shocks the family by announcing her intention to leave Utah.
In the Season Four finale, Bill faces last-minute threats to his candidacy; the three wives feel the strain as Election Day arrives.