There's No Place Like Home, Baby Synopsis

Written by Stephen Levinson & Rob Weiss
Directed by Simon Cellan Jones

Spencer sues college football’s governing body, which provokes a countersuit. In a live TV interview with Jay Glazer, Spencer explains his motivations and dedicates the lawsuit to his late brother. After his interview goes viral on social media, Spencer is granted a private meeting and an offer to reinstate Quincy if he drops the suit. Spencer tells Joe that, to protect ASM and Sports X from his decisions, he’s officially resigning.

TTD, Amber, and Dennis find Ricky’s steroids and confront him. Ricky swears them to secrecy, but later confesses to Charles himself, right before he signs his contract. Charles is furious, and tells Ricky that if he fails a drug test, he will cut him from the team immediately.

Spencer’s media campaign works, and Quincy is reinstated. During his nationally televised Signing Day announcement, he gives Spencer a subtle sign of thanks.