The Devil You Know Synopsis

Written by Stephen Levinson & Rob Weiss
Directed by Chloe Domont

The college football governing body is sniffing around Quincy and Spencer, so Spencer goes on the offensive and threatens to go public with their corrupt behavior if they try and hinder Quincy’s career. They respond by ruling Quincy ineligible. Spencer apologizes to Quincy for failing him and admits that he was blinded by the grudge he’s kept since his brother died.

Charles runs damage control after Ricky’s incendiary and misunderstood “F**k the Whites” Tweet. A heart-to-heart with Ricky about the importance of standing against police brutality and racism motivates Charles to tell his bosses that he wants to keep Ricky on the team and have him lead a social-justice campaign sponsored by the team. While Ricky’s ideals are admirable, we also learn that he’s been taking performance-enhancing drugs, which could put his career in jeopardy should he get caught.

Reggie and Joe convince the shoe company to give Illegal Civilization another shot. With the formidable help of Sizzle and Vernon, they get the crew to produce a concept video for a new skateboarding division.