The Kids are Aight Synopsis

Written by Jason Lew
Directed by Chloe Domont

Spencer asks the Anderson brothers to finance the TV rights deal, and after watching tape of Quincy, they agree to invest. Unfortunately, Spencer finds out that Quincy made a verbal commitment to another school before going into business with him. Spencer cancels Quincy’s agreement on his behalf, and the school responds with the help of the local police and an extremely dedicated booster.

Joe pitches Yanni, a sneaker exec, on using Illegal Civilization in an ad campaign. The skate punks pull a prank during a meeting that ends in a fountain of vomit.

Ricky and Amber attend a cookout at their neighbors, the Whites’ house. All the other attendees are white and when some of the guests mock the league-wide protests against racism and police brutality, Ricky passionately defends his fellow football players and proclaims his intent to join the demonstrations if he gets signed. Furious even after he’s left the party, Ricky impulsively publishes a Tweet blasting the president and “The Whites.”