"Doink" Synopsis

Written by Chloe Domont & Zach Robbins
Directed by Rob Weiss

While running Sports X has been a disaster, Spencer’s relationship with Jayda has progressed into a romance. He agrees to meet with her son Quincy, a college football prospect, and give him some advice on recruiting season, but his intentions aren’t entirely pure. Spencer intends to leverage his mentorship with the star athlete into a lucrative partnership with a high-profile college sports network. At first, Quincy isn’t interested in working with Spencer — he’s skeptical of anyone trying to offer him counsel, especially someone who’s also dating his mom. To guarantee Quincy’s partnership, Spencer secretly offers him a significant share of the sports network’s profits.

Ricky runs into Kisan Teague at the gym and finds out that they’re both trying to sign with the same team. An impromptu workout competition with Kisan makes Ricky painfull aware of his age.

Lance circles back with Joe and tries to make a good faith offer to reacquire the company.