Ride and Die

Written by Rob Weiss
Directed by David Katzenberg

Dallas threatens Vernon with release if he doesn’t distance himself from the cannabis business. Spencer and Joe are forced to postpone a key Vegas meeting with Wayne Hastings while they work to repair Vernon’s relationship with his team. Spencer convinces Bossman that Vernon deserves a chance to divest his assets in High Powered and that he can lead the Vegas expansion. He then relays that vote of confidence over to Wayne.

Siefert rejects Charles’ impassioned pitch on signing Kisan Teague, but he lets Teague’s agent, Jason, talk him into a workout session. Charles grows frustrated with Siefert’s lack of trust in him.

Ricky is left out of summer practice with his teammates. Things aren’t going any better with Amber, who rejects his apology flowers. Strangely disoriented, Ricky wanders into the wrong house, and punches a teenager he mistakes for an intruder.