Bull Rush

Written by Evan Reilly
Directed by David Katzenberg

Spencer works his charm on Vegas power players to open a door for a professional football team. Whether golfing with the mayor, or doing stunts in a monster truck, he’s determined to prove he’s got what it takes.

In between all the mingling, Spencer rekindles the flame with his former fiancee, Chloe Nash. Chloe works for Wayne Hastings, who’d be providing financing for the move.

Ricky and TTD travel to Vegas with Spencer to try to relieve some stress about Amber’s pregnancy. Dennis pressures Ricky into blowing off steam at the craps table, where he loses big.

While Spencer is preoccupied with his Vegas ventures, Joe maintains their client roster at ASM. His first order of business: convincing Reggie to scrap Vernon’s endorsement deal with the cannabis company High Powered so they don’t risk getting cut by Dallas.

Joe also tends to the mercurial running back Kisan Teague and his demand for a new agent, setting him up with Jason to negotiate his next deal. While waiting for the meeting, Jason gets robbed at gunpoint, prompting Teague to “negotiate” his new agent’s money back with a baseball bat in hand.