Welcome to Avenue 5

Avenue 5 is HBO’s newest comedy that is set 40 years in the future and takes place on a glitzy space tourism vessel, a mashup of a cruise liner and an interplanetary rocket ship. To build up buzz and momentum ahead of the premiere, HBO scripted and produced two “in-world” videos to give viewers a sense of the show’s tone, as well as a sneak peek of its ensemble cast in action.

The corporate video contextualizes the time period and mystery behind a space tourism corporation called Judd Galaxy with a comedic approach. Starring Josh Gad, who plays Herman Judd, the video serves as an introduction to the brilliant mind behind the company and its space cruise ship Avenue 5.

The Welcome Aboard video is led by Zach Woods, who plays the head of passenger services Matt Spencer, which offers more insight into the ship’s luxurious amenities and clues viewers into the space tourism element of its cruise ship.

Both videos live on the show’s microsite, JuddSpace.com, which supported a larger faux tourism campaign that launched across print, digital and AV.