Episode 9

Written by Chris Lilley
Directed by Chris Lilley, Stuart McDonald and Jeffrey Walker

Jen organizes a commercial shoot for Tim's new line of soda, Ooshi Gay. Tim, who is already upset about using a stunt double for the skateboarding, storms off set when his mother asks him to say the tagline, "Ooshi Gay. For the gay inside all of us." The next day, when Tim discovers that Jen has been incinerating his fan mail, he reveals that he posted a picture of his girlfriend of several months on his website and told his hundreds of thousands of supporters that he isn't actually gay. Jen has to deal with the fallout of Tim's announcement--Ooshi Cola, for one, wants to cancel the campaign--while Tim refuses to answer her calls.

In the week since Packo was shot, Kareena and the kids have moved out of Blake's home. Hunter moves in, and along with the other Mucca Mad Boys, tries to cheer him up. But all of the pantsing and lighting farts on fire can't bring Blake out of the funk he's been in since his family left. He tells Kareena that he'll do anything for her to come back, including joining the pro legends surfing tour and getting surgery to have his balls restored.

When Daniel makes fun of Nathan's uniform for deaf school, Nathan runs away. Daniel enlists his aborigine friend Black Daniel to follow his tracks. They track Nathan to a lake, where Daniel assumes his brother must have drowned. Nathan's actually been hiding in the cupboard the whole time, praying that he wouldn't have to go to deaf school. When Daniel returns home, he's relieved and thrilled to see that Nathan is still alive. His newfound affection for his brother is short-lived, though, when Daniel is told about the album Nathan has just posted on MySpace titled, "Naked Pictures of My Brother."